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    This is a fairly new creation which I have been shooting since April of 1998. I have both a 5" and a 6" gun. It is basically a custom 1911 45 with a 40 Super barrel installed. The cartridge is basically a 45 Win Mag, shortened to 10mm and necked to .40 caliber and factory ammo is now available from Triton Cartridge. The first prototype cases were made with large primer pockets and were head stamped 45 Colt" and the second lot was head stamped 45 Win Mag" despite them both being dimensionally similar to a 45 Win Mag cut to 10mm length. The third run of cases were then completed with the small rifle primer pocket and were necked down to .40 caliber as well has having the Triton 40 Super head stamp affixed. It will heave a 135gr bullet at 1700fps, a 165gr at 1600fps, and a 200gr at 1400fps from a 5" barrel. If you run the numbers on this, the 165gr puts out over 900 foot pounds of energy, all from a 1911 size gun. Whether or not the pistol will survive this punishment for thousands of rounds is unknown since I have only fired about 2,000 rounds through my two pistols. The five inch gun is S/N 400CB-0002, ie the second production 400 CorBon gun and the 6" is S/N 40SUPER-01. Accuracy is outstanding and I have shot several groups under 1.5" at 50 yards. That's 50, not 25! Last year I shot a small 100- pound hog using the 6" gun with a 200gr XTP moving at 1425fps and it dropped immediately.


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