Desert Eagle Pistol Basic Info.

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Desert Eagle is the first truly functional Magnum-caliber semi-automatic, single action pistol. Gas operated, with non-adjustable gas system, rotating bolt for positive lock-up. Large extractor claw for very dependable extraction process. Now available in four calibers .357, .44, .440 Cor-Bon, .50 AE. All are magnums (although earlier production included .41, which is obsolete now). Customized versions include: various finish, barrels, grips, sights etc.
   Development started in 1979. First Introduced on the market in 1983 as Mark I model. Originally an American idea first was produced in Israel by IMI (that stands for Israeli Military Industry). US exporter and later manufacturer - Magnum Research Inc.(Minneapolis). Though in 2000 production has been moved back to Israel, for that Saco Defence was sold.