Desert Eagle Pistol Survey

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    1) What Model(s) of DE pistol do you own?
       Mark I
       Mark VII
       Mark XIX

    2) What caliber DE pistol(s) do you own?
       .357 Magnum
       .41 Magnum
       .44 Magnum
       .440 Cor-Bon
       .50 AE

    3) What are the barrel length(s) of your DE pistol(s)?

    4) Is your DE barrel ported?

    5) Primary use of your DE?
       Target shooting

    6) Do you use a scope on your DE?

    7) Approximately how many rounds do you shoot overall from your DE(s) per month?

    8) How satisfied are you with your DE pistol(s) reliability?

    9) What type of DE finish looks the most appealing to you?