Desert Eagle Pistol FAQ

The place where I try to put common answers, to some common questions regarding DE pistol.
Gator,Somewhere in 1999...

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May be the abbreviation FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions) does not express precisely the purpose of this page, since I am trying to collect the information about as many DE specific problems and solutions as possible. Some of them are very frequent, like the safety lever screw problem, others are less common. Anyway, if there's a problem, there has to be a solution or two for it too :) The goal is to find it or them ;).Any help will be highly appreciated.

If you - found any errors on this page, or got info on any new problem, or know anything that you think would be appropriate on this page - please Contact me. I'll be happy to check it with you and place information provided on the page as well as your reference in the manner you like.

Special thanks to Pete W. for his help to start the FAQ pages and everyone else who helped in expanding and maintaining it :)


- Before sending me an email asking some question, check out the FAQ and Cleaning & Maintenance section at least, Ok? The answer may already be there. I'm more than happy to try to answer any questions, but due to the number of the email I get it's becoming more and more difficult and very often the answer to the question is already on these pages.


Last updated - 05/19/19