Abbreviations used in various firearms related pages

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BHP  - Bonded Hollowpoint. Similar to the JHP, but the jacket is chemically bonded to the core,
       thus preventing jacket's separation from the core on the impact.
FMJ  - Full Metal Jacket. The bullet is completely enclosed (except for the base) in a hard
       metal jacket (mostly a copper alloy, or mild-steel).
fps  - Velocity of the bullet in feet per second as it is at the muzzle.
fpe  - Energy of the bullet in foot-pounds as it is at the muzzle.
JFP  - Jacketed Flat Point. Same as the FMJ, but the bullet ends in a flat plate.
JHP  - Jacketed Hollow Point. Bullet has enclosed in a hard metal jacket, hollow, lead core,
       exposed through an  opening in the jacket. On the impact, the bullet opens up and expands,
       thus inflicting greater damage, but in turn the penetration depth is reduced.
JPF  - Jacketed Pre-Fragmented. Similar to the JHP, but the core consists of several
       separate projectiles, ( lead shot, metal disks, polymer etc. ). The bullet tip is
       a polymer, used as a cap.
JTC  - Jacketed Truncated Cone. Similar to the JFP, but the sides of the bullet are straight
       and end in a flat plate. In JFP on the other hand, the sides are rounded.
SJHP - Semi-Jacketed Hollow Point. Similar to he JHP, but the jacket does not
       completely cover the lead core.
TMJ  - Total Metal Jacket. Similar to the FMJ, but the metal jacket encloses the whole bullet
       when FMJ leaves the base exposed.
Last updated - 05/19/19