Magnum Caliber Semi-Auto Handguns Overall Assessment

(Comparative Reviews By Tony Rumore)

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    As is with everything else, each particular gun is different, and everyone will have a different opinion. The proceeding is simply my own experience not intended to be god's gift of wisdom to mankind by any means. If you are an advanced gun and reloading enthusiast the original 44 AutoMag is top gun. It is the only magnum gun that can be caliber swapped without having to adjust the sights. Granted, you can get lucky if two barrels are exactly the same in the other guns, but there is no luck required in the AutoMag design. If you are an enthusiast who wishes not to spend countless hours screwing around with your guns and ammunition, the Desert Eagle is probably your best choice, given the spare parts problems now created with the Grizzly production stoppage. Prior to this, I would have given the nod to the LAR Grizzly. If you plan to scope your magnum auto, then there is only one choice and that is the Desert Eagle. The others can be done, but no where near as easily. The Schuetzen 40 Super is a superb pistol, but I have not shot it enough to tell you whether it will stay in one piece taking the pounding of thousands of rounds of hot ammo. The recoil spring is a twin 30 pound affair, but this may not be all that is required to keep the gun running through thousands of rounds. Only time will tell.


Desert Eagle .44 Magnum
AMT AutoMag V
44 AutoMag
Coonan 357
LAR Grizzly
Schuetzen Pistol Works 40 Super
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