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(Comparative Reviews By Tony Rumore)

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    Though I never personally owned this gun, I have shot nearly 500 rounds through a friends gun, and here's the story. The overall finish is very rough and has a real coarse pebbly finish to it. The trigger is odd in that it is very light, but creeps back smoothly before let off. It takes a bit to get used to it, but it can be shot fairly accurately off-hand right out of the box. Accuracy is fairly good and sub 2" groups at 25 yards are common. Recoil is moderate, but then this is quite subjective. If you only shoot 45 ACP's then you'll think it is fierce. If you shoot a 454 Casull everyday, then it is quite moderate. This particular gun had some problems however. The firing pin broke after about 200 rounds, and the hammer spring lightened up to the point that the gun experienced light primer strikes. Also, the slide would routinely lock back with rounds remaining in the magazine, until the last one, then it would close. Exactly backward of how it should work. The grip on the gun is rather short and my hand tended to overflow under the rear corner of the frame. After shooting a bunch of rounds it started to gouge into my flesh a bit. Reliability other than the slide locking back was very good and I cannot remember ever having a feeding or ejection failure.


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