Magnum Caliber Semi-Auto Handguns Desert Eagle

(Comparative Reviews By Tony Rumore)

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    I owned one of the very first production 44 Magnums and fired approximately 5,000 rounds through the pistol. I know others who own the guns and have never had any problems, but my personal gun was not that way. Out of the box, the gun shot WAY high at 25 yards and at 100 yards it was even higher and still going up! With the fixed rear sight, I had to machine it down quite a bit and recut the notch. After that was done, the gun shot dead-on. The trigger was a bit heavy for my taste and crept back significantly. I had trouble shooting long accurate shots off-hand with the factory trigger, however accuracy off the bench was downright awesome. Groups at 25 yards were simple ragged holes and with a scope in place, the ragged hole simply got smaller. Of all the big bore auto's, the DE smokes 'em with accuracy off the bench. My gun was not very reliable however and after trying numerous different load configurations with everything imaginable, the gun would still fail to eject about 1 of every 40 or so rounds. The grip also does not fit my hand very well. It is much nicer than the Wildey or AutoMag V, but worse than the 44 AutoMag or Grizzly in my opinion. The safety lever was very stiff to operate and could not be snapped off with the thumb. This design has since been changed on later models, increasing the size of the lever.


Desert Eagle .44 Magnum
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