Magnum Caliber Semi-Auto Handguns Connan 357

(Comparative Reviews By Tony Rumore)

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    I have shot a friend's pistol approximately 1000 rounds and this is a neat small package. The grip is slightly longer front to back than a 1911 but works identical. The magazine appears kind of cheesy, but works fine, and the gun is extremely reliable. I have heard others say they are not, but this particular sample runs fine. Accuracy is fair and 5 shot groups at 25 yards run about 3". Not great for long range shooting, but OK for playing around. If you just want to shoot 357's I would go with the Coonan rather than an oversized Desert Eagle or LAR Grizzly, provided recoil doesn't bother you. Since the Coonan is much lighter than the DE or LAR, it recoils quite a bit more as well. In exchange for more recoil you get a gun than can be easily carried comfortably all day.


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