Atmospheric Nuclear Detonation - Charlie
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Mushroom Cloud Gallery - Charlie
Test:Charlie; Date:April 22 1952;
Site:Nevada Test Site (NTS), Area 7;
Detonation:Airdrop from B-50, altitude - 3447ft; Yield:31kt; Type:Fission;

   Cherlie shot was the last detonation during the operation Tumbler. The Charlie shot was pursuing two major goals: one, to test the new, high efficiency core for MK 4, weighting 10440 lbs. According to some sources the core was Pu239. Although less likely, for the rest of the devices used during the operation Tumbler utilized U235. And two, blast effect measurements study. Charlie was predicted to yield anywhere between 40-60Kt. As you can see the actual yield was 31kt, which means the designers were too optimistic about Charlie, however it was no failure by any means. For the record, Charlie was the first nuclear detonation to be broadcasted live on TV.

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