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Thanks And Credits

These nuclear pages wouldn't be possible if not the help from many, many folks out there. I want to express my sincere gratitude to everyone who were helping all this time.
Gator, 2002

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DOE Nevada Operations Office for the excellent photos and a lots of info.

VCE - Visual Concept Entertainment for the movie Trinity and beyond - The atomic bomb movie, this is an excellent collection of many nuclear explosion footages, most of those were classified for a long time, now remastered and improved, they are available. Film includes lots of nuclear test scenes, technical information, Edward Teller and Frank Shelton interviews and comments, describing different weapons, historical events, etc.

Carey Sublette

 - For his Nuclear Weapons Frequently Asked Questions, created and maintained by him.

Los Alamos National Laboratory - For their help in filling the gaps in history and solving picture puzzles :)

Gregory Walker

 - Creator of the Trinity Atomic Web Site, tons of very interesting information, statistics, pictures etc.

Jim Lawson

 - The author of the unique Nuclear Tests Database, this is a huge one, containing information on almost every nuclear explosion ever conducted on the earth. I've used his data to fill some gaps in my db, although for the few tests our data is different :)

Chris Griffith

 - The Atomic Archive, complex history of atomic bomb, tests and other very interesting information.

Paul Rizzo

 - For all his kind help with finding & correcting many mistakes and errors.