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   IMI/Magnum Research - Desert Eagle. IMHO this is an unique, exceptional weapon. Excellent design and characteristics. Beautiful, accurate, very nice to shoot & somewhat like a tank, big, tough and heavy. Click on the link to see the page dedicated to

Desert Eagle Pistol

Para-Ordnance P16-40 Limited

   Para-Ordnance is a Canadian company producing fine firearms. I own P16-40 Limited since 03/28/99 and I am very pleased with its accuracy, reliability & the quality it is made. The Gun is not heavy, fits my hands very well, has very reasonable recoil for that caliber and is very accurate. However 16 rounds in the magazine indicates the need for rather large grip :) Those who have smaller palms may think twice ;) Well, after all, one shouldn't buy a firearm without previously handling it anyways, so you'll know.
    What I would consider as a disadvantage, is the field strip procedure, although this is not Para-Ordnance specific, the whole family of colt 1911 are like that, removing that front bushing especially if you don't have a tool handy is one hell of the pleasure :) In comparison to Desert Eagle or Beretta M92 series this one is quite complicated.
   The rest in this gun is perfect IMHO ;) The balance, it's shape, size and weight, that all makes Para Ordnance feel like home in your hands :) Trigger is rather short and has very well defined margin, I like it that way. Basically most of the military style triggers are similar to it. During the shooting session it is very well controllable. I've had test-fired different kinds of rounds, from target practicing handloads to hot Cor-Bon & Pro-Loads. By now I've fired over 8000 rounds through my P16 and it's still going just fine :) All I can say is that it was handling all sorts of rounds perfectly, I've had a jam only 3 times and all 3 times the cause was a defective handloaded round, never a factory round by the way, though nobody says factory rounds are flawless either. Things can happen.
    P16 controllability when fired is just excellent. That said for the gun of .40 SW caliber :) After all .40 SW is on the stronger side.
    Sights are nice, well defined, adjustable and easy to aim.
   Cleaning the gun is easy (reasonably), except the field stripping, which I have already mentioned is not an easy one. Check the details at their site -
Caliber.40 S&W
Barrel length5 inch
Length8.5 inch/217 mm
Weight empty40 oz

Beretta M92FS 9mm pistol

   The very first Beretta gun appeared in 1526. Since that time they're doing well :) M92 was introduced first in 1976. There are many different models but my favorite is M92FS, I've tried others but some are small, like compact models, M96 is heavier a bit and feels differently when shooting, I don't like it, I prefer  M92, a little lighter (not that much but you can feel it), balance is better. Reliable, high quality, safe, simple weapon. Other their products can be checked at - Specifications
Caliber9 mm x19
Barrel length4.9 inch/125 mm
Length8.5 inch/217 mm
Width1.5 inch/38 mm
Height5.4 inch/135 mm
Weight empty975 gram/34.4 oz
Muzzle velocity390 m/sec. (1280 ft/sec.)

Browning Hi-Power Mark III 9mm pistol

   The Browning Hi-Power was the first pistol with high capacity magazine (in service). Developed by John Moses Browning in 1923 ( BTW he also developed the famous Colt M1911, .45 ACP ). A great, legendary weapon. Later a lot of manufacturers copied this design and used in their firearm development. Used in more than 50 countries in the world. I've heard that some people don't like it :(I do, 9 mm ;) This is a durable, awesome weapon. To be honest not everything they are producing in our days is really good weapon but this one definitely is. Check it at -
Caliber9 mm
Ammo10 (13 in double stack)
Barrel length4.75 inch/120.65mm
Length7.75 inch/196.65mm
Height5 inch/127 mm
Weight empty907 gr./32 oz.
Muzzle velocity350 m/sec. (1148 ft/sec)

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