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AKM (aka AK-47)

   One of the most famous and best designs of its class. Developed by Mikhail Kalashnikov during the W.W.II. Entered in service in 1947 - this was an AK-47, Avtomat Kalashnikova. The very first version wasn't as good as the later version AKM ( some people often call it AK-47, which is not right ), Avtomat Kalashnikova Modernizirovani(this stands for Kalashnikov's machine-gun modified ;) which started in 1959. This is a very durable, reliable, simple and effective weapon. It stays functional in desert sands, heavy rains, dirt and other not very friendly environments (to some limits, of course ). Later many different models were developed in USSR and a lot of other countries. Almost every east Europe country has its own version of this weapon. I myself, have seen Hungarian, Romanian and Chekhozlovakian versions. Mostly stocks and grips were different, better designed, but also as I've heard from the soldiers the Russian version bore was much better, it could resist the heat several times better than others. This is kind of important in the war ;)
Disadvantages heavy weight, safety/fire mode selector location & the sound of it, accuracy.

Length34.25 inch/870 mm
Barrel16.34 inch/415 mm
Ammo Capacity30*
Muzzle velocity715 m/sec.(2345 ft/sec.)
Effective range4900 ft./1500m
Weight empty9.47lb./4300g.

*Standard magazine, also 40,75 (drum mag.) and now even 100 round magazines are available - RPK (Kalashnikov machinegun);