Atmospheric Nuclear Detonation - Cactus
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Mushroom Cloud Gallery - Cactus
Test:Cactus; Date:May 5 1958;
Operation:Hardtack I;
Site:Runit (Yvonne) Island, Enewetak Atoll;
Detonation:Surface, 3ft off shot building floor;
Yield:18kt; Type:Fission/Fusion;

During the Cactus shot, Los-Alamos tested MK-43 primary in a thermonuclear system mockup. The test device itself used in Cactus was similar to that of used in the Elder test later in the same Operation. Predicted yield was 13-14 kt and the actual yeald - 18kt. The device primary itself weighed 110.3 lb (50 kg), while overall device weight was 1432 lb. Dimentions - the test device measured 18 inches in width and a 69 in length.
The device was detonated 596 feet southwest of the Lacrosse crater(fired during the operation Redwing). The Cactus shot resulted in a crater that had a diameter of 346 feet, and a maximum depth of 37.2 feet. Interesting thing about the Cactus shot is that many years later the crater was used as a burial pit for the redioactive debreed scraped from all the Enewetak Atooll isalds. Over 110 000 cubic yards of soil was brought here and dumped in the crater. Once done, the crater was covered with concrete dome.

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