Atmospheric Nuclear Detonation - Easy
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Mushroom Cloud Gallery - Easy
Test:Easy; Date:April 20 1951;
Site:Island Enjebi ("Janet"), Enewetak Atoll;
Detonation:Tower Shot, altitude - 300ft; Yield:47kt; Type:Fission;

   The goal of the Easy shot during the Greenhouse operation was the proof testing of the TX-5D bomb. Basically it was a major advance in weight reduction for implosion bombs. TX-5d weighted 2700 lb compared to Fat-Man's 10 000 lb and it's diameter was significantly reduced as well, 40 inch diameter in TX and 60 inch diameter for Fat-Man. TX used a lens implosion that utilized 92 points the core used in its design was a composite (plutonium/oralloy). Interestingly, later on this design was used as the primary in the first thermonuclear bomb test, Ivy Mike.
    One more goal of the Easy shot was to test the effects of the nuclear weapons on various military structures. For several weeks military was building various structures on Enjebi and Mijakadrek Islands. Trinity and beyond has a footage of this shot and it sure looks more than impressive.

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