Atmospheric Nuclear Detonation - Easy
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Mushroom Cloud Gallery - Easy
Test:Easy; Date:November 05 1951;
Site:Nevada Test Site (NTS), Area 7;
Detonation:Airdrop from B-45, altitude - 1314ft; Yield:31kt; Type:Fission;

   Easy shot was a test of the Mk-7 nuclear bomb prototype. The test device code named TX-7E weighted only 1800 lb which was remarkably low for its time. TX-7E measured 30 inches in diameter, and this in turn was yet another dramatic improvement, in terms of size reduction. Overall TX weighted over 5 times less than the Fat-Man design and was twice as small (Fat-Man weighted 10 000 lb and was 60 inches in diameter). The device used composite uranium-plutonium core and its high explosive (75% Octol) lens assembly weighted 800 lb. The predicted yield was 22-35 kt.

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