Atmospheric Nuclear Detonation - Dog
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Mushroom Cloud Gallery - Dog
Test:Dog; Date:November 01 1951;
Site:Nevada Test Site (NTS), Area 7;
Detonation:Airdrop from B-50, altitude - 1417ft;
Yield:21kt; Type:Fission;

   The test device used in the Dog shot has been codenamed "NF". Basically ti was a standard Mk-4 bomb, with a composite uranium-plutonium core. The expected yield was in the 18-25kt range. The actual yield was within the predicted range, 21kt.
    During the Dog shot, US conducted its first nuclear field excercise on the land. The operation has been codenamed "Desert Dog". The goal of the operation was the simulation of the defensive deployment and consequtive maneuvers. Weeks before the Dog shot the assembled troops (including 188th Airborne, 127th Engineer Battalion, and the 546th Field Artillery Battalion) dug field tranches and other emplacements southwest of the actual shot location. Then, first, troops observed the shot from a point six miles from ground zero from the defensive emplacements to view the weapon effecte. After that maneuvers were conducted in the area. Because the Dog shot was an airburst there was no local fallout. However that didnt' exclude some amount of neutron-induced radioactivity.
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