Desert Eagle Pistol FAQ

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32)   Are DE Pistols CA Legal, and what does it mean? - Yes they are. In short CA legal means DE has a firing pin block installed. Which by the way doesn't do any good, and could lead to jamming potentially. YMMV though. Below, the official letter from MRI. Special thank to Matt R. for providing it.

The .44 Desert Eagle pistol is on the "CA" approved list. This Mark XIX .44 Desert Eagle pistol that is California approved has been given a new part number, ending with the letters "CA". The reason for this new part number designation on the California guns was IMI installed a firing pin block. These pistols are in stock in the black finish only. As to the Mark XIX Desert Eagle pistols in .50AE and .357 Magnum these are not going in for testing, these two calibers will have to be added as components to the .44 Mark XIX model, also the .44 10" Mark XIX barrel would have to be purchased separately too. As you have noticed this model number is not listed on our web site/nor in our catalog, since they only pertain to sales in the state of California.
Your dealer would have to order the 'DE44CA' part number from their distributor. If you are looking a custom finish on the pistol you will need to purchase the black firearm first and send it in to our custom shop for refinishing. Sorry, but we will not sell the custom finishes due to the loop holes written in the C.A.D.O.J. laws.

The following "Baby" Desert Eagle pistol models are on the approved "CA" list:

  • -MR9900 (full-size 9mm, black)
  • -MR9400 (full-size .40S&W, black)
  • -MR4500RS (semi-compact .45ACP, black)
  • -MR9900RB (compact 9mm, black)

The BFR revolvers are legal for sale pursuant to Sec. 12133 of SB15 (except for the .45LC/410).
Thank you.

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