Desert Eagle Pistol FAQ

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24)   Is DE used by the military? - No, it is not. At least Desert Eagle was never issued to any military or law enforcement organisation in any country. I have no verified information regarding the question, despite of several year long research. Official sidearm model and brand name are pretty much never classified, so if it was ever issued to anyone either I'd find out or one of the DE fans around the world would have found by now for sure.
Once in a while I get emails stating that IMI was(is) issuing DEP to their border patrol, tankers, etc. Information varies. However I haven't seen any official documant or other source to confirm that. I myself would be suspicious about using DEP in a combat, not that it suffers from the lack of power, yet the reliability, the ease of maintenance and its usability w/o special training would make it a questionable choice.
The only thing that gives this very persistent myth some resemblance to truth is the fact that in several countries military and law enforcement officers are allowed to carry/use sidearm of their choice. However, this doesn't make it an official issue handgun. I personally would be very suspicious of the police officer carrying .50DE on duty. For the multiple reasons stated on various pages related to DE.

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