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23)   Can I use Leupold Red Dot LG-35 scopes on my DE? - Officially yes, but it's a hassle, and you'll have to buy extra parts. Leupold confirms that, so is MRI, BTW now they[MRI] have removed LG-35 from their catalogs.
    There are several things you might want to consider before acquiring Red Dot scopes. During these years I've seen more than one complaints regarding the Leupold scopes on DE. The problem is common, the scope won't hold its zero. Somewhere after 50-80 shots it looses it. The problem is most severe on .440 Cor-Bon, then .50 AE, then .44 Magnum, and finally the easiest case (although still problematic) is .357 Magnum. As you can see the data makes it pretty much obvious that the problem is related to recoil force. The more it is, the sooner your scope will need adjustment. Also, one way or another this can damage the scope itself.
    Here's more detailed description of the problems:
    I just recently bought a DE XIX 50AE and Leupold Gilmore LG-35. The LG-35 is mounted as the Magnum Research website shows, with 2 scope rings that are Leupold OEM. The mounting method insinuated by this photo is incorrect; I have been in direct contact with the Magnum Research gunsmiths and the Leupold product support technicians. They both agree the mounts are not strong enough to avoid damaging the LG-35 (although the 2 ring mounting system was endorsed by Leupold at the time LG scopes were marketed, as compatible with ALL Desert Eagles). Magnum Research has discontinued LG-35 sales; Leupold now pretty much guarantees problems if any Leupold Gilmore Red Dot is mounted on a DE XIX (any caliber) if it is mounted with only THREE scope rings. They did not exclude problems with the DE XIX .357. Leupold suggests mounting the Red Dot scopes with 4 scope rings, available from only Leupold of course, at a cost of $20 plus $20 S & H. Additionally, a scope base from B-Square must be purchased (product # 42907[blue] or 42908[SS]) to allow mounting the LG series to a DE XIX of any caliber. The cost for the B-Square mount is $65.
    Obviously, the poor support from Leupold for their obvious lack of quality control is infuriating for those who have experienced problems, and just as financially annoying to all LG scope users. The lack of support from Leupold and the additional cost of $105 is something that must be weighed heavily for all those DE owners (including Mark I, II, and VII owners) if they are considering the purchase of a Leupold product. Leupold calls the problem an "inconvenience"! See their response below.

    [Alligator] - I've removed all the names from the email quoted below.

>Unfortunately we don't have any 'recall' program. We don't make a base for
>the DE 50 AE. We recommend the three to four rings because the amount of
>recoil the caliber has. You don't have to use three to four rings, but the
>strength will be greatly increased and you won't have a problem, where-as
>if you use two rings you will probably have a problem. Sorry for the
>Leupold Product Specialist
>Leupold Customer Service
>Product Specialist Group
And here's another message, sort of the sequel to the first one:
    Well, after much back and forth, I have generally confirmed the problems this other person has had with Leupold. Their position is basically, you bought it, the parts to fix the problem should be available ("somewhere"--a direct quote from one of Leupold's Prod Specialist), so go ahead and fix the problem. Leupold bears no responsibility for correcting the mounting problem, though, they will "warranty the repair for two years".
    They readily admit that the LG series was not tested when they set up the marketing through Magnum Research. Magnum Research says they've corrected their catalog by removing all mention of the Red Dot series scopes, but their website will "take a little longer". Today is 8-9-01, and the Leupold Gilmor Red Dots are still a sales item on their site.

    Contributed by friends

The bottom line is, Leupold Scopes can be used with DE, but not in the configuration shown on the MRI site. You Will have to buy additional parts, which may not be readily available, and that's gonna cost you, roughly 150$ or more. Now given all that it's up to you to decide.

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