Desert Eagle Pistol FAQ

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22)   Can the recoil springs cause malfunctioning, even if they are new? - In short, yes they can. Here's a longer answer from a person who owned 7 different DEPs :):
    I have several Desert Eagles at present, at one time I've owned no less than 7. One thing I have found when buying a Desert Eagle that has continual jamming problems, is that each gun is different, in that the springs must be tailored to the gun. By this I mean sometimes the springs are too long or too short. They need to be the correct length to make the gun function flawlessly. I have sent 2 guns back to Magnum Research for jamming problems, and on the return documentation, they indicated the problem was in the springs, either being too short or too long. This can happen to a factory new gun also, as the jams may not show up readily with certain ammo. All my Desert Eagles are Mark VII's. Hope this helps other Desert Eagle owners out there.
Contributed by friend
    [Alligator] - I haven't observed this myself, however I do have two other reports where the owners mentioned the same source of the problem, that is the jamming problem has been solved by spring replacement, even though the springs were relatively new.

See Also FAQ #11 regarding the springs.

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