Desert Eagle Pistol FAQ

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2)   Conversion between different caliber DE pistols (Mark XIX) - Is possible between any calibers available today. These are .357, .44. .440 Cor-Bon, .50 AE, all of them are magnums. However different caliber conversions require different components to be replaced.
    There is no conversion kit now, you just buy new parts from Magnum Research or someone else. Relatively easier is .44 or .440 Cor-Bon to .50 AE & reversed. Since all to those cartridges have the same diameter case base, there's no need to replace the bolt assembly, just barrel and the magazine, with Cor-Bon you don't even need magazine, barrel only, since this one uses .50 AE case necked down. .357 requires bolt assembly replacement too, but not a big deal, after short training you can do it in the minute.
    Here is a list of components you need for each caliber combination:

  • .357 <=> .44 - Barrel, Magazine, Bolt assembly.
  • .357 <=> .440 Cor-Bon - Barrel, Magazine, Bolt assembly.
  • .357 <=> .50 Action Express - Barrel, Magazine, Bolt assembly.
  • .44 <=> .440 Cor-Bon - Barrel, Magazine.
  • .44 <=> .50 Action Express - Barrel, Magazine.
  • .440 Cor-Bon <=> .50 Action Express - Barrel.

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