Desert Eagle Pistol FAQ

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18)   Is Desert Eagle a collectable value? - Well, to begin with DE is an exotic gun, i.e. not a conventional handgun anyway. Now, about its collectors value. In general no, at least not yet, though there are some special made Desert Eagle pistols those sure are collectibles. Here's what we have so far from our friend ;)

Magnum Research started producing Desert Eagle 357 magnums in 1983. Upon the start up they set aside 1000 serial numbers for two special series. The Silver Presentation Series and The Gold Presentation Series. Silver Presentation Series has been produced in 1986 (no info on Gold Presentation Series yet).
    Magnum Research make these guns in presention boxes that are made of solid cherry wood, blue velvet lined, with a pure silver coin inside that has the Magnum Research logo on it. The box is notched out inside to hold the gun, magizine, and coin. On the outside of the box, the Desert Eagle, Silver eagle, is carved into the wood. Obviously, it is called the Silver Eagle edition.
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