Desert Eagle Pistol FAQ

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11)   How do I know that recoil springs are to be replaced? - When your gun starts jamming without any visible reason with tested & proven ammo. The worst thing about this problem is that if the recoil springs are too weak there's a big chance that during the shot the slide will fail to return to battery and at the same time the firing pin stoper clip falls causing the firing pin & its spring to fly out. Not a pleasant thing, especially outdoors.
    First symptoms of this problem are - relatively easy to pull back slide & slide release lever, as usual you need two thumbs to release the slide using the slide lever, especially with the brand new springs, if one day you find out that you can do it with one hand & a little effort, most likely it's not you becoming like Arnold Schwartzenegger, but the recoil springs getting worn out ;) Although I can't exclude the first possibility ;) Also a slide, that fails to return to battery, a bolt is jammed in the barrel, because it wasn't rotated properly. Clearing this failure is easy, pull back your slide about an inch & when the bolt rotates to the right position release it.
    There's another symptom, which is a good sign that the recoil springs need replacement, probably you'll see this one earlier, after cleaning and lubricating the gun, gently pull back the slide, approx 1 inch and then slowly release it. If the springs are ok, the slide will return to battery, however with the worn out springs the slide will stay a bit back, .25 inch or so. At least it behaved this way both times I needed the springs replacement.
    In general after 5000 shots for .357 & .44 you have to replace those springs, however if you don't clean them properly this will increase their wear & shorten lifetime. For recomendatoins & instructions how to clean these parts check the DE Cleaning And Maintenance page - Recoil Springs & rods.

See Also FAQ #22 regarding the springs.

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