Desert Eagle Pistol ammunition testing results - Fiocchi, Sellier & Bellot

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   Bad news - this cartridge is gone :((( I have talked to Fiocchi representatives & they confirmed that Fiocchi doesn't produce this round anymore.

.357 158 Gr. SJHP

- IMHO the best .357 round for target shooting. The price and performance are very good. This cartridge provides very reliable shooting/feeding.
   In comparison to other Fiocchi cartridges this one generates the most smoke when fired, on the other hand 158 SJPH is a lot "cleaner" than other two Fiocchi cartridges below, it doesn't produce as much dirt, to be more exact after firing 50 shots with 142 Gr. my gun was in the same or even worse shape as if I would've fired 200-250 rounds of 158 Gr. Cleaner than Remington and Winchester.
    One more interesting detail, I wasn't able to find this cartridge on FiocchiUSA's web page, they have 158Gr. JSP and 148 Gr. JHP but not 158 SJPH, as I have been told by Kissler's Wholesale, this round was specially made for them. They had the best price I have seen - 1000 rounds for $159 in military ammo can, including shipping/handling, they can be contacted at: Kissler's Wholesale +1(800) 444-2950.


 Caliber - .357; Bullet Weight - 158 Gr.; Muzzle Velocity - 1475 fps.; Muzzle Energy - 750 ft-lbs.; - View the graph


.357 148 Gr. JHP

- I haven't fired this one too much, just a hundred rounds, when fired feels almost the same as 158Gr. smokes less definitely, on the other hand, this one is significantly expensive, $220 for 1000 rounds, compare to $139 :) Ballistics are slightly different on this round, though I really don't understand what makes that much cost difference, may be just a simple fact that this comes in the boxes of 50. In short unless there is a very good reason that I don't know yet, 158 Gr. mentioned above are 100% preferable.


 Caliber - .357; Bullet Weight - 148 Gr.; Muzzle Velocity - 1500 fps.; Muzzle Energy - 720 ft-lbs.; - View the graph

.357 142 Gr. JTC

- I have fired around 500 shots of this one. Positive sides are: much less muzzle flash, flip and recoil when fired in comparison to any other brand I've tested and the most important thing - very reliable feeding ( up to first hundred shots though ).
   The drawback is that these rounds produce so much dirt in the gun that it is practically impossible to shoot large amounts without cleaning. For some reason lots of copper particles, unburned powder etc. are found after shooting :( Cleaning after this round is a real pain, besides I am really concerned about gas system, with that much dirt it may get screwed up very easy :(((
The advise is better DON'T SHOOT, the bullet is not a TMJ, i.e. the lead base is exposed. Thus increasing the risk of the gas system clogging. Not a good one for target shooting definitely.


 Caliber - .357; Bullet Weight - 142 Gr.; Muzzle Velocity - 1420 fps.; Muzzle Energy - 650 ft-lbs.; - View the graph

.44 240 Gr. JSP

- As far as the origins of leader go, it is made by Fiocchi and sold as their generic brand. Fiocchi, like many other in cartridge business, offers both, brands and rebranded rounds, but not equipment leasing. I called up Fiocchi and asked what the differences with the generic brand were and they said, "packaging and casing stamp, that's all." It comes in grey recycled cardboard with black lettering, it's the most basic packaging I've ever seen for box ammo.
   During the first shooting session I've fired 75 rounds of Leader ammo. Never jammed once in 12 clips of 6. Had a buddy, who owns 9mm and .40SW, go through 3 clips with no problem either, even with his limp wristing! Got home and field stripped, about 1/3 the powder residue and no visible fouling. For my gun the PMC sucks, period.The Leader brand, wich is made by Fiocchi, is an outstanding round for my DE .44 Magnum now I just need to dump the extra hundred rounds of PMC I have. The worse part is the place I got the ammo from recommended it specifically for DE's.
    So far I've shot 200 rounds and have had no failure to feed/cycle. I did, however, have two instances in the same clip where the spent casing did not eject. I had to use a pencil to push it out.
    The price is pretty good too, 14.99 box of 50 or 13.99 if you buy 1000 rounds.


 Caliber - .44; Bullet Weight - 240 Gr.; Muzzle Velocity - 1375 fps.; Muzzle Energy - 1000 ft-lbs.; - View the graph

Dave K.

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Sellier & Bellot USA Inc.

.357 158 Gr.

- Do not use Sellier and Bellot 158gr .357 ammo. It is both too long, and not high enough velocity. You will get lots of misfeeds.


 Caliber - .357; Bullet Weight - 158 Gr.;  Muzzle Velocity - ???? fps.; Muzzle Energy - ??? ft-lbs.;
Matt de Vries.


.357 158 Gr. FMJ

- I used Sellier & Bellot FMJ ammo. It's also a very reliable and beautiful made ammo. I must totaly contradict the findings concerning this ammo on your web-page! But it has one "bad" particularity and only if you don't like it, It's the fact that it produces a lot of burning particles. The wear of protective glasses is a necessity. The cartridges are thrown out, almost vertical, right in the hair... But the bullets hit right in the bulls-eye! There is no need to aim above or under to correct the ballistic path(for 25m range). You can find further information on their web-page: I think that the problem of the dirt and other foulings for a great extend can be resolved by using a good gun-oil!



 Caliber - .357; Bullet Weight - 158 Gr. FMJ;  Muzzle Velocity - 1400 fps.; Muzzle Energy - 687 ft-lbs.; - View the graph


- Interesting if that is the same ammo? Might be different in Europe and USA?

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