Desert Eagle Pistol Knowledge Database & FAQ

The place where I try to put it all together,
all the info about one great handgun -
The Desert Eagle Pistol.
Gator,Somewhere in 1999...

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So what is this place about? In short, this is an attempt to create Desert Eagle Pistol knowledge database or DEPDb :). And, this is my tribute to this great handgun, as to me it really deserves it. It deserves a lot more, but this is it :) all I can do for now. The database will be constantly updated, as new info, hints & tips come in, so come back later, you'll find something new, or even better, bring in your own info ;).

   Even though there are thousands and thousands of this gun sold only in USA, it is quite difficult to get the reliable information about it, especially when you need some practical hints, advise or just an answer to some simple question. Yes, you can ask Magnum Research Inc., as usual they are good with customers, but sometimes, the information you get from them is not exactly what you need, or not available there.
    What do we got here so far? There are several major sections in the DEP Db. FAQ - That answers(or at least tries to) some common questions. Ammo reviews Db, where you find out what people say about different ammo. Cleaning and Maintenance page where you can get a few hints how to clean and keep your DEP in a good shape, DEP operating manual scans, several articles written by me and other DEP enthusiasts, etc.

   Basically DEPDb is a place, or let's say, is meant to be a place, where you can find and submit various information about Desert Eagle pistol, most common problems, how to avoid or fix them, taking care, ammo reviews, places where to get better ammo and parts for cheap, historical facts, etc.
    Unfortunately, handloading page is still under construction :( The plan is to get reliable data regarding DE handloads,therefore if you have some info please contribute :) For example, if you are attending military universities, insight into how the pistol has or hasn't been usedin combat or training is helpful.

To Desert Eagle Owners - Please Fill Out The Desert Eagle Pistol Survey.


Any help is highly appreciated, if you find any mistakes, incorrect information, or you think you have tips & tricks or the information related to any topic on this page, please Contact me. The information provided by you will be placed on these pages & the credits to you will be placed as you like them, anonymously or with your name(email, etc...) on it.


- Before sending me an email asking some question, check out the FAQ and Cleaning & Maintenance section at least, Ok? The answer may already be there. I'm more than happy to try to answer any questions, but due to the number of the email I get it's becoming more and more difficult and very often the answer to the question is already on these pages.

I am not a gun dealer! I do not sell anything on this website!

Last updated - 05/19/19