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Now I've become death, the destroyer of worlds...
Robert J. Oppenheimer, quoting the Bhagavad Gita. After detonating Trinity on 07/16/1945.

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   The most destructive weapon ever created by mankind, and on the other hand, they kept peace during last 60+ years. And of course such a weapon couldn't be created without the most brilliant scientists involved. Einstein, Bohr, Sczilard, Fermi, Feynman, Oppenheimer, Carter - these are the people who designed and created nuclear weapons.
As Enrico Fermi said once - First of all this is a very interesting physics, yes, it is, but it is also the deadliest weapon ever created.
    So, whenever you look at those pictures, remember what nuclear and thermonuclear weapons are and what they can do. This page is not the place for a debate about nukes. They did have(and still have) their place and served their purpose well in preventing WW III. It is my belief that not every freak in this world should be able to gain access to nukes. Unfortunately, certain number of cretins will destroy anything and everything for their cause, including themselves and the cause itself. I don't really care about the cause, for there's no justification for doing that.
    I'm not going to place here detailed information about many aspects of nuclear weapons, that'd be too much. There are thousands of sites and apps such as nukeblast, nukemap, which can provide more specific information about nuclear weapons and their impacts. I'll provide just some facts regarding the tests in the past. I'm trying to create something like a database of the surface/atmospheric nuclear explosions, so different sources are used to collect data and pictures.
    Nevertheless, I assume some facts regarding particular tests are very interesting, so I've decided to include it wherever possible. Besides, I wanted to have test info available with the picture, to make it more convenient. Hence the info panes. In short, when you are viewing the picture, if I have the pane created for it already, there will be a bar above the picture, indicating the test name, and the link next to it to view more info. For later browsers, the info pane is shown in the same window. If you are using some anicent browser, then the info page is opened in the separate window. The work is in progress, so I'm adding info as I have time. Hopefully it won't take too long tom complete the job. Also, obviously I don't have access to many sources, so any help is appreciated.

P.S. Funny that I have to say it here, but due to the number of identical emails I get...Ok, here comes:
I will not tell you how to build the nuclear bomb because:
  • a) I have no idea how to do that;
  • b) for the reasons clearly stated above;
  • c) I am not interested in building one at all. IMHO there's more than enough of that stuff already.

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