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Mossberg 590 Special Purpose

   One of the best pump action shotguns manufacturer, since 1919. They developed many features those are now standard for modern shotguns. Mossberg military-supplied shotguns completely satisfy and exceed ( this is what they say, I don't know really if it's true, but I believe them) the Mil-S-3443 standard which is 3,000 round Mil-Spec endurance trial.  Those Mossberg's are high quality, tough, reliable and durable weapons, in my opinion of course ;) To be honest, for target shooting I prefer handguns, but for hunting I think shotgun is more preferable :) However this also is a matter of your taste, if you think your DE is the best weapon to shut down a deer, that's fine. Also it's a good idea to have one for self-defense, at home. You can check their other products at the

Ammo capacity6
Barrel length20 inch/51 cm.
   Optional ghost ring sight, parkerized finish, speed feed stock.