Desert Eagle Pistol FAQ

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8)   How do I clean DE gas system? - Actually, if you take a proper care of your DE & use a right ammo, the only part of DE gas system you have to clean yourself is the gas cylinder. The other part of DE gas system is a part of the barrel & really not an easy one to access, if it's possible at all.
    I have had a long conversation with Magnum Research technicians regarding to this problem. In short, I've got the following information - during the shooting process, gas system gets self-cleaned by the hot gases under high pressure flowing through it. The only way to help this self-cleaning process is to soak the barrel in the solvent for some time, ostensibly you can't run patches through it, so let it dry, anyway whatever is there should be loosen & with next shooting it'll be blown out. The 'right ammo', mentioned above, mostly means - no lead bullets and the jacket should cover bullet base.
    Well, still, there are couple suggestions that may help, however it is your responsibility to use them or not!
Contributed by Jared Shipman - In regards of inability access and clean the inner-barrel part of the Gas system. I tested it and found that a direct shot of WD-40 right out of the straw up in to the vent located in the chamber cleans it right up. (Basically, you could use the other, muzzle side vent too, just remember the oil has to drip form the gas chamber always) Slowly, but surely you'll see dark juice come out of the bottom part where the gas contacts the slide. Then you want to fire it to get it all out promptly, otherwise it will be slowley leaking for a while. Good rage mantinence ;) BTW WD-40 is what the US Army uses to lub their guns.

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