Desert Eagle Pistol FAQ

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7)   A round jammed nose-up between the barrel and the bolt - The problem is that a round is popping straight up and getting jammed nose-up between the barrel and the bolt. This generally dents the round and I'm a little reluctant to fire a dented round (those I was brave enough to fire had the dent ironed out just fine). I increased the C.O.L. for loaded rounds a bit and it seems to have reduced the number of these jams but I'm not sure.
Contributed by Pete W.

Thought I might mention the results from my de-bugging the MK-VII .44 Magnum for a stove piping problem. I have returned 3 magazines to Magnum Research for this. Always happening on the last round. They readily replaced them but the problem was still there. A friend was shooting his DE and I noticed his gun never jammed (now, it did not stay locked open after the last shot but that was dirt). We tried all 3 of my clips with the same stove pipe jam experienced in his gun. His magazine held the bullets slightly more horizontal than mine. I happened to have my calipers in the range bag and dimensioned the opening at the top. The magazine that worked had an opening of .425 when measured between the bent over tabs at the top near the end where the bullet resides. The 3 "bad" clips had an opening of .455 or .03 larger. I bent the tabs down to re create the .425 dimension and the stove pipe jam has yet to re appear. As a reference I tried several brands of the recommended ammunition with the same jam occurring before finding this dimensional error.
Richard Ceraldi

My personal impression is that this problem is also dependent on ammo being used. With Remingtons and Winchesters I've had this problems too often, although those were lighter loads. Also if you allow your gun to rotate during the shot, chances that it will happen are increased.

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