Desert Eagle Pistol FAQ

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6)   Slide failure to hold open on an empty magazine - Last shot fired but slide doesn't stay in open position, instead it returns to battery. It seems that somehow the little holding open device in the magazine is getting stuck. When this happens I have to remove the magazine (which takes some effort in this state) and reinsert it to get it to work. It is hard to diagnose this problem since it requires keeping the slide open manually while looking inside, not an easy thing to do at the range. Trial solution is to run the magazines with no lubrication at all as I suspect this could be the culprit.
Contributed by Pete W.

    One more probable cause for this type of problem:
I found, after cleaning the gun that when inserting an empty magazine and drawing back the slide that it would not stay open as it should, unless I activated the slide "hold open lever" myself. After an extensive study of the mechanism and establishing that everything was free to move as intended, It lead me to the obvious conclusion that the mechanism had insufficient spring tension, which is supplied by the magazine spring, when empty. I gently stretched the magazine spring a little and reassembled, with the result of renewed normal operation.
Contributed by Craig M.

Magnum Research advise - there is a small opening at the bottom of the magazine, take a flat tip screwdriver and enlarge it, this should fix the problem, although I haven't tried this yet.

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