Desert Eagle Pistol FAQ

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5)   Brass ejecting straight back over the slide - It happens in about 10% of my .44 Magnum shots. A friend of mine got a big chip in his glasses when he got one in the face shooting my D.E.
    Last month I spoke to a gentleman who claimed to have figured it out. He told me the problem was related to the thickness of the rim on the brass case. This measurement varies with the particular brand and lot of brass. He said he solved the problem by taking a few thousands of an inch off the bolt face and a few more off the extractor. It may be a simple as switching brands of brass.
Contributed by Pete W.

    I had the same problem with my .357 DE, though only with Remington cartridges, after I have switched to Fiocchi, never happened to me again, even though I have fired more than 1200 of those.
    Another gentlemen mentioned this problem with his .50 AE DE, unfortunately I don't have the information what was the fix, as he said, he sent his gun back to manufacturer, i.e. Magnum Research, they fixed it and sent him back.
    I have had conversation with Magnum Research specialists about this problem, as they said typically this problem doesn't exist for .357, most likely for .44 or .50 AE, one possible cause for the problem could be dirty recoil springs & rods. I was advised to disassemble recoil springs/rods and wire brush rods, although like I have already said after I have switched to different ammo the problem was solved.

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