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3)   How To Identify Visually Mark I, Mark VII and Mark XIX? - I'm getting asked this question at least 1 times in a week, yet can't say much at this point, simply because I have never handled Mark I and seen only one Mark VII briefly. Although there are few things to keep in mind.

  • The Mark XIX has scope ring cuts in the dove tail rail along the top of the barrel on all caliber's.
  • The Mark XIX comes with standard rubber grips, while Mark I and Mark VII have plastic grips by default, though they can be changed.
  • The Mark XIX hammer is etched(notched) while the Mark I and Mark VII both have a flat one.
  • The Mark VII only had the scope ring cuts on the .50 AE caliber only.
  • The Mark I has different safety lever,
  • click here to see the pic.
  • The Mark I slide catch is not as wide a platform as on the Mark VII or Mark XIX.
  • The Mark I triangular barrel top is much narrower than on Mark VII and Mark XIX, and has no
  • scope ring cuts at all.
   Note - MRI sells the replacement safety levers and slide catches for Mark I, that are identical to the ones found on Mark VII and Mark XIX, in other words just another complication with identification. Same issue with the grips, they can be easily changed.

   I would like to mention that after putting this topic on the web I got several important ID points :) My sincere gratitude to everyone who took his/her time & sent info.
Special thanks goes to James C. Presswood and Alex for their help on this topic :)

Visual differences between the Mark VII & Mark XIX - Illustrated guide :)

Special thanks for the detailed schematics goes to Jared Shipman. Click Here to see the picture.

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