Desert Eagle Pistol FAQ

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27)   My Local Gunshop doesn have Desert Eagle Pistol, what do I do? - Just order it from Magnum Research Inc. through the same local gunshop. In USA, all firearms transactions must go through the authorized dealers, so they will order it, once it arrives you pay the registration fee as usual and that's it. I am not sure what are the laws in the foreign countries, so you shuold check with the local authorities.
    Warning - As usual, but not always the gunshop will charge you the extra for the transaction, so be sure to talk to them before ordering, because sometimes their fee goes up to 20% of the firearm cost, which in case of DE can ammount to the cost of relatively cheap handgun. As usual this happens when you order a firearm and they have the same thing in their inventory, but nonetheless, check it out first.
Please note that I am not a gun dealer! I do not sell anyhting on this website!

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