Desert Eagle Pistol FAQ

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14)   Are there any pellet or BB Desert Eagles out there? - Yes, there are :)
The Daisy Powerline 400.

  • 20 shot removable clip in place of scope mount;
  • Blowback slide action just like the real one;
  • Over 400 FPS with A load of concussion;
  • CO2 uses less gas then Crossman or others alike;
  •    The powerline 400 is an extrmaly great idea for someone who likes fun plinking the Desert Eagle without all the expenses. Daisy stopped making them but I am aware that they are constantly up for sale on the web, for prices of 80 to 200, if from a collector aware of antique value. If you have or plan on gettig one, Daisy still makes clips for it. Thay can be reached at: 1-800-643-3458, ask for powerline 400 clips.
    Contributed by Jared Shipman.

    Several manufacturers produce AirSoft Desert Eagle shooting different caliber BBs, such as: Marui, Keiheisha and Digicon. Calibers vary 0.17 - 0.25, though ther emight be something bigger or smaller, don't know for sure. So iz the muzzle velocity, from 0 to 350-fps, which is quite painfull ;). Here are some links you may want to check out : Contributed by Friend.

    If you know any others please let me know :).

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